Reflection: class one 10/13

My class seem to do well with my mini lectures, I was nervous that the lecture or it’s content would not be interesting to the students but they seem to enjoy and be informed by the information I was sharing with them. After sharing my own work with them I think they understood the project more. Having aids like the skull helped when trying to explain the form of the head, the front and the back of skull really having a peruse in describing the head. I appreciate their attention to the lesson from the start the finish it was really awesome to have their attention.

When heading out materials I believe I should give my TAs a live more to do in the classroom. I need to not feel like I must do everything while I have the helping hands.  Learning how they work and how they can prepare the materials I will give them more responsibilities. I think i need to give and Alejandro a space for them the work more closely together, he is seeming to fall behind a bit. He seems to grasp what i am saying but doesn't know exactly how to visualize it. During the lecture he did not have trouble paying attention, but during the actual making time I did notice him taking out his phone a few times, he did not use it to listen to music like I allowed nor was he texting so I’m not sure what grasped his attention. While trying to explain to him how to create the back of the head it did take me a few time for him to understand there is the black and how it can be attached. I will have to keep a close eye on him for next week and I will speak to gabe about him having a closer teaching relationship in order for him to understand each project.    

I see now from the start of their sculpture that they are not pushing expression as much as a wish they would. I hope them seeing the work of Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Balthasar Permoser, and Franz Xaver Messerschmidt will enlighten them. I also want some of the student to expand of size, I explained to the student that these head should be just under life size so so do need to push scale for next week. I hope next week if we push scale and expression, a lot of them inquired about expanding on the projects with doing split faces and fragments of faces as well and this excites me that they want to push it. I can intrigued to see what they do next, and I hope to see some friendships form in the classroom. I believe when we start to talk about each other work in the critique next week they will be able to open up to each other and maybe build some bonds.

For next week I hope to:

  1. Give my TA’s more responsibilities

  2. Give Gabe and Alejandro a practical work space

  3. Expand on expression and scale

  4. Have student work independently as get new students caught up

Althea Bennett