When the light leaves the city: white flight in a new direction

This prototype really has me intrigued by light, I have had used lights in paper sculptures before but never in such a way that I had to work with circuits and conducting materials. This is something I definitely want to explore again by programming lights and installing small led much like these.  I wish I would have time to further explore the lighting aspect, I focus the majority of my energy on the concept and the building of the sculptor, and i am happy with the form and it will inform how I create this larger sculptor.

I image the actual sculptor to be installed in a 5x5 space, I would like to also explore motorized mobiles as I think about moving birds to show predator behavior an aspect of the white birds I feel is not pushed enough. The colorful lit birds (residence) are flying out of the city and the white birds (gentrifiers) are diving in, the addition of the circling vulture like style could add to the predatory feel gentrifiers have. 

Althea Bennett