Studio Thinking Reading Notes pt.1

Three flexible teaching formats

Demonstration-Lectures: I approach my own lectures as fun and interactive as i can possible make the, almost making them more of a seminar session with music to help me keep my own beat i enjoy lectures as a student but i know most don’t so i try to make them as engaging as possible.

Students-at-work : this is my favorite time to teach, to talk to students one-on-one as they work. to understand their thinking is to see how they understood and are translating your assignment.

Critiques: I believe this is the most vital aspect of the art making process for students. students show be able to speak about their own work as well as interpret the concepts of their peers.

Designing the classroom

Physical set up- lighting, music and classroom set up are all important in creating a proper space for each lesson, depending on how the class will run, from a demonstration to a lecture ic can drastically change the way an instructor may set up their room, these set up can allow for better flow as well as creating the best atmosphere for their students to learn

Social Climate -As a instructor one can control how students interact with each other and their art, through critiques students will understand how to challenge their peers without being mean

Teaching Students to Question and Explain

These type of habit are important for life outside the classroom, but as an artist student students should question now only how things are made but why, students need to understand the social weight art has and how it impacts the world.

Studio Habits

Develop craft, Engage and persist, Envision, Express, Observe, reflect, stretch and explore, andunderstanding the art world

Althea Bennett