MIT : intersection of art and technology. Can it be interesting and aesthetically pleasing?

The robotics workshop had its highs and lows but I'm not seeing its direct connection to art. when at the Museum and List galleries I was more interested in the new media artwork they had on display.

The TV Cello by Nam June Paik was particularly interesting to see in person due to the research I have done on assignment 1.  seeing the work in person allowed me to understand and accept Paik as an artist and sculptor, the TV cello can talk about entertainment, changing of attention spans, yet to Paik this sculpture was a way to "humanize technology" these types of objects are convincing me of the intersection of art and technology can be interesting and aesthetically pleasing. 

The illustrations and neon lighting at the LIst gallery was underwhelming and almost disappointing, the lack of understandable concept and technology I was surprised that List would display this work. IF able to view the performance of Delia Gonzales I may have been more impressed by her work. I wanted to see her work before this class due to the lack of women of color whos work is displayed in List. I often have high hopes for the artist of color, particularly women of color. "The last day of Pompeii" the title of her work and the concepts behind the pencil drawings are so deep yet I was unable to see that in the work at all, I wonder if the performance would make it more clear. The work was semi aesthetically pleasing, yet I don't feel like this artwork intersects with technology, rather them sitting next to each other.    

Althea Bennett