Data to sculpture: Research

Abigail Reynolds

"Visualizing the frequency and position of crimes in East London, Mount Fear's troubled terrain of peaks and troughs gives massive physical form to hard numerical data. Central to the work is the dramatic contrast between the sedate forms of the cardboard vista and that of the violence that the mountainous forms represent; areas with the highest recorded violent crimes have the highest peaks".

Nathalie Miebach

"Starting in 2006, I began building low-tech data collecting devices that extract weather data from specific environments. Living on Cape Cod at the time, I went to Herring Cove Beach for 18 months on a daily basis, rain or shine, to observe and record the interaction between weather and environment. The data was then compared to historical and global trends in weather and finally translated into a series of sculptures".

Huang Yanying

"What better representation of a bird than its song? I screen captured the music visualization of a nightingale song at regular time intervals. The resultant shapes of the music visualization are then traced and laser cut onto clear acrylic. Each shape represents a single moment in the nightingale song. All the pieces are arranged together in their time sequence. The final assembled form is a physical translation of what is an aural experience of a nightingale. The moment of a nightingale in full song frozen in a crystalline form".



Iohanna Pani

"this set of tableware by designer iohanna pani uses statistical data to generate its forms. the ‘form follows data’ collection embeds personal statistical data into everyday objects altering their design in the process. the plates in the series feature a pattern based on a visualization of blood tests, while coffee cups were designed to represent the amount of coffee consumed daily. the cups represent corresponding volumes to the amount of coffee consumed each day. the effect of all the cups is essentially a bar graph represented through functional objects. the coffee mug uses the same statistical data only represented through a topographical map inside.

Althea BennettComment