30 Preliminary Lesson Ideas

Expressive portrait projects

1.Clay Self Portraits

2. plaster portrait,

3.Upcycle portraits

4.Collage portraits,

5. Gesture portraits

6.Wire portraits

7.Painted portraits

8.Many perspective portraits

9.Layered portraits

10. 3D paper portraits

Research and mapping, (self portrait of your hood )

11. 3d Mapping

12. Ethnographic archival studies

13. Writing raps and poems wire sculptures

14. Audio recording and alteration

15.Architectural model making

16.Expressive model making

17. Material informing concepts (upcycle objects to create something in conversation with the material)

18.installation designing and construction.

19. lighting and timing (creating a time of the day)

20. Origami paper folding (understanding and inventing)


21. Cardboard building

22. Wrapper college

23. Trash transformation

24. Animals mascots made by upcycled materials with mascot printed

25. Collecting trash from the street to create a staple character in your neighborhood

26. Create an art objects from many of one kind of upcycled product ie. plastic cups, paper towel tubes, news paper, ect.

27. Altering one upcycled object as much as possible so viewer does not know the material

28. Drawings on upcycled paper with some kind of image or text on surface to inform drawing

29. Painting on upcycled material with a print and color that will inform the painting

30. How to preserve and document a upcycled work

Althea Bennett