Studio Thinking Reading Notes pt. 2

How does one teach creativity? in planning beyond seeing we get strategies to how to get students to draw from their imaginations. seeing the limits to line he variety of ways to play with color, exploring and playing with layers. giving students a space to improve.

How teach students their style? how can we help students find their vision ? narrative, gives students the opportunity to understand and share themselves and thoughts through their art, can lead to many concepts for them to explore.

How can students understand what they are making? its vital for students to reflect on their process, decisions and intentions when creating. the more they can talk about their own work the more they can understand and explain to others.

How to get students out of their comfort zone? it is important for students to make work outside the familiar. Through demonstrations and exploration of tools and materials students can discover new relationships with art making.

Introducing students to the art world and navigating it is vital in teaching young artist. giving the tools to hang artwork, to have a knowledge of art history as well as contemporary art, students must have references to draw from, as well as knowledge to move past the history or be in conversation with it.

Studio Habits can be integrated into all aspects of studio practices, from demonstrations to critiques.

Althea Bennett